Other than the buyer consultations, the following are also available

1. Wind Storm / Hurricane Mitigation

Learn about improvements that can be made to your home in order to reduce wind damage and insurance premiums.

2. Chinese Drywall

Chinese Drywall is a big concern in Florida.  We can investigate to discover if a building contains offgassing drywall, non-destructively.

3. Thermography – Infrared imaging

Thermal / infrared  imaging is cutting edge technology which enables us to deliver high quality, next generation reports, on buildings, machinery, boats, electrical systems and just about everything else.

Buildings of all sorts, in Key West, can be troubled by problems that are often difficult to diagnose and resolve.

These problems include,

–   excessive energy use due to performance issues in insulation

–   too much air-leakage

–   moisture damage due to leaks or condensation or sun damage to roofs

–   poor HVAC distribution or performance and sick building syndrome

–   verification of construction details or buildings performance

–   rodent infestations

–   electrical shorting or overheating
To frequently the problems, as well as their causes and
consequences, simply cannot be seen until after costly damage has been done. Infrared thermography is an invaluable tool that allows us to see the otherwise invisible thermal signatures of a building. When properly used, thermography enables building owners, architects, contractors and inspectors to locate problems, verify building performance and validate solutions.

The result?
Significant savings, improved comfort and safer buildings!

4. Electro Magnetic Field Inspections

Have your home tested for harmful electro magnetic fields and find out how to avoid them.  Read more on the Hazards page of this web site.


5. Building Systems Supervision and Maintenance:

I perform s
cheduled or periodic inspections of vacant and occupied buildings, looking for possible trouble spots, security issues, mechanical failures, regular servicing and preventative maintenance. Emergency corrective work may be done immediately by myself, or referred to a local contractor. You would be advised every step of the way.

6. Mold Surveys and remediation reports

With test results and a thorough inspection, I will create remediation guidelines for contractors to follow or quote on.

The areas of each affected room will be documented as to

– The source of the water intrusion

– The cause of the water intrusion

– Recommended actions

7. Home Selling Assistance with Pre-home-sale Inspections

Prepare yourself for a quick sale at a higher price with fewer problems and conditions.

Fix any problems before any buyers even see them.

Make your home inspection report available for viewing when your home is shown. It will also be available on the web if you would like, at no extra charge. You can put the web site address in the comments section of your listing and advertise it as a selling feature, saving the buyer the bother of arranging an inspection and the cost of it.

Call me at (305) 923-6174 or use the response form below to make comments, ask questions or set up an appointment.