Assessment Services

The goal of the Florida Keys Mold assessment is to identify both the problems that are creating the conditions for mold growth and the nature of the mold infestation.   Once the problems are identified, I recommend steps to address the structural problems and mold issues.

Following a mold remediation job, I provide clearance testing. This is a particularly important step, as it insures my clients have received the correct remediation services and outcomes.

5 General Steps:

  1. Structure inspection (inside and outside the building and around the property)
  2. Mold sample collection (which is then sent into a mold analysis laboratory)
  3. Interpretation of the laboratory analysis report
  4. Development of recommended mold remediation approaches
  5. Post-remediation clearance testing

When should a professional inspection occur?

There are no set standards.  Industry guidelines include:

  1. The occupants are experiencing health issues, or mold infestation is visible
  2. Consistent musty odor
  3. Extensive water stains or marks
  4. Allergy related conditions that intensify indoors

What are the potential scams?

  1. A free inspection.  This is typically provided by a firm that will bid the follow-on work. This presents a conflict of interest.
  2. Visual inspection only.  Sampling and laboratory analysis is usually required to determine the extent of the mold infestation.
  3. Immediate discussion of remediation approaches.  An inspection and sample analysis must be conducted to correctly identify the remediation approaches.


Safety Recommendation


Always ask for documentation of mold services certifications.