To Start The Assessment

 Common steps during Key West Mold Inspections.

1. Interview:
Obtain list of client concerns
Discuss medical issues
Review building history

2. Inspection – visual review
Outside the building
Inside the building
Infested area

3. Testing
Moisture analysis
Thermal imaging
Sampling (air, surface, and material)

What types of equipment will a qualified mold inspector use?

The appropriate equipment varies from job to job, but common includes:

  1. Moisture meters
  2. Thermal imaging devices
  3. Boroscopes  (to see behind walls)
  4. Air sampling devices
  5. Surface sampling equipment (lift tape, swabs)
  6. Collection bags for laboratory transport
  7. PPE – personal protection equipment

Safety recommendation

Do not use ‘home kits’ for mold testing

Mold is everywhere – a positive return is virtually guaranteed

Visual inspection and sampling identify if there is in fact a problem