After the Assessment

Common steps after the Key West Mold Assessment

1. Review the lab report

This will explain what species  of mold is present
And provide measurements of inside vs. outside prevalence

2. Review condition assessment and remediation guidelines

This is the summary of the situation, and how the problems should be addressed

3. Advise during remediation process

This provides a ‘3rd party’ perspective with your best interests accounted for

4. Reinspect to make sure remediation job was completed

Perform mold clearance test to establish that mold levels are no longer elevated

What does a mold analysis report look like?

<click here> to see a sample report

What if the remediation firm wants to do their own inspection, or write their own protocols?

1.  That occurs from time to time.   I will work with them to make sure their inspection results are correct and reflect your best interests.

2. What if their protocols for remediating the problem are different?  Then we’ll sit down and talk through the differences and I will advise you on the options that are to your best interests.

Safety recommendation

 If you are experiencing medical  problems, I will provide a laboratory

report for you to take to your Doctor

With this report, he will be able to better determine if the medical

issues are mold-exposure related.