Costs of Services in Key West Florida

Standard Inspection fee starting:  $200

Post-remediation clearance testing starting:  $200


Standard Inspection Services include:
– Interview
– Inspection with Infrared Thermal camera
– Testing with moisture meters
– Development of remediation guidelines
– Advice during remediation

If sampling is recommend a quote is provided at that time.


Other factors that may affect the price:  larger structures, extensive infestation, etc.



How much will a remediation cost?


Each job is unique.   The protocols I provide will allow you to get bids from multiple remediators and I will review each one with you.



What is there is an immediate threat to your health?


I will indicate the nature of the problem and what steps should be followed to keep you and family safe while the inspection and remediation occurs.


Safety recommendation

Do not move objects or structural elements around before the inspection.

This can disburse mold spores or material into the air that, when inhaled,
can pose a health risk.